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Transcript Request Form

Because of COVID-19 we are unable to physically mail transcripts. Please provide your university's e-mail address in the address field below.  

Need a copy of your transcript? We're happy to help!

Please note, transcripts cannot be processed without a copy of a government-issued picture ID.  Once you submit this form, you'll receive an e-mail requesting a copy of your government-issued picture ID. 

Step One...

Step Two...

Upload CURRENT Photo ID

Use the box below to tell us the following information.

  1. Do you need this official (signed and sealed)?  If so, how many copies do you need?

  2. Do you need it unofficial?  If so, how many copies do you need?

  3. What is the name of the college or place of business you need your transcript sent to?

Thank you for submitting! Please allow three business days for processing.

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