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Canyon Hills Cares

Wellness news for our families!

Our CHHS Wellness Center is a Resource Hub for our Canyon Hills students and families.  Ms. Dani will help provide and navigate any supports for your child &/ family. Our school community voice helps drive our wellness efforts. If you would to join these efforts- please reach out to us! 

We provide students with a safe & inclusive space on campus, facilitate clubs, life skills education workshops and pyscho-educational groups. We support our students with free behavioral health services, Medi-Cal Enrollment, Substance Use Prevention Groups and have a Military Family Life Counselor on campus. We connect students and families to resources within the district and community and support marginalized student populations. Our intention is to elevate student voice and needs, build self-agency, and give each and every student's well-being the opportunity to thrive. 

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Quick Links:

Virtual Wellness Center


This website has tons of mindfulness activities, tips & tricks for reducing anxiety, workouts/exercise, connection & belonging, art activities & so much more!

CHHS Principal's Blog

Click HERE

Join us at the Principal's Coffee!

     First Friday of every month via Zoom

     9am- 10:30am 

     Checkout the CHHS School Calendar for Zoom Meeting Information!

Sign up for our 9th Grade Academy Newsletter! 

coming soon!

SDUSD Family Wellness Newsletter

Click HERE

SDUSD's Guide to Mental Health Matters

This annual newsletter is filled with events, resources and more! 

Click HERE

SDUSD & Community Mental Health Resources

Click HERE

SDUSD Food & Nutrition Services Website. CLICK HERE!

-SDUSD Food & Nutrition Services has a newsletter and Harvest of the Month!! 

-Please read if requesting special diets and/or milk substitutions: Milk Sub & Special Diet information Packet

-Menus, Nutrition & Allergen Information can be found here

Here’s the Spring 2022 revision of the District Wellness Policy and the SDUSD Wellness Website!

SDUSD Tobacco Free Policy & TUPE Program. CLICK HERE

Resources & Events:

Military Family Life Counselor 

Audrey Teshima, LMFT

Wellness Center, Room 230 Office A

(619) 209-9808

Checkout Military Dependent, Military Spouses and Military Veteran Scholarships! CLICK HERE!

SAY SD, Elevated

Stacy Chiles

Room 308

Click HERE- Elevated Flyer

Click HERE for a short video that describes the incredible work Elevated does here at Canyon Hills. 




























































Additional Student Supports: McAlister Substance Use Education Group, Mending Matters LIFE, JED High, Mental Health Counselors (Alliant University & YMCA) - for more information CLICK HERE and reach out to Ms. Dani

Mending Matters LIFE Youth Advisory Board --> We Hear YOUth Survey Information

· Purpose of Survey: is for Mending Matters to learn how students view their student body’s mental health needs, so we can create responsive resources for CHHS students. 

· Survey is voluntary: if a parent/guardian wishes for their student to opt out of the survey, they can inform their student not to participate when it is presented to them in class. *** there is a notice on the first page of the survey indicating its voluntary nature. 

· Survey is anonymous: we do not collect personal information from students (i.e. name, ID, IP address, email address). We only report responses in aggregate (i.e. in a group, 75% of students said they want to learn more about stress management). 

· The survey will be disseminated the week of December 11-15, 2023 

· If parents/guardians want to know more about Mending Matters, they can access information at our website:


If a parent/guardian wants to review the survey: please contact Mr. Schmidt (Dean of Students) or Ms. Dani (Wellness Center) and they will coordinate with Mending Matters to email you a PDF version of our W.H.Y. survey. 

Below is the parent notification / passive consent letter for the upcoming survey in December 2023: 

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Drug Wear Tri-fold.png
We Hear YOUth Survey. spanish.png
We Hear YOUth Survey. english.png
FSA 1.png
FSA 2.png


Dial 2-1-1

National Suicide Prevention Line

Dial 9-8-8

Text HOME 741741

Trevor's Project

(866) 488-7386

7 days per week

24 hours per day

Live Chat: Text START to 678-678

Domestic Violence Hotline

National Hotline:


SD Access & Crisis Line

(888) 724-7240

7 days per week 

24 hour per day

Live Chat M-F 4-10pm

7 Cups of Tea

(active listeners & more)



Danielle Octon, MPH

Wellness Center Coordinator

Phone: 619-518-4941 

School Phone: 619-605-8100 x2230

Wellness Center, Room 230

Wellness Partners, Room 231 & 308

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