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What a Week We Had and Principal's Coffee Next Week

Hello Rattler Nation:

WOW! What a genuinely stressful and still fun week we had here at CHHS. We have never been so inundated with high-level issues in my eight years here. As many of you know, I have been working overtime to triage the bizarre events unfolding this week. Mostly, though, I have been walking around campus, letting kids ask questions or banter at me about all the rumors, etc. I want to recognize that many students felt a high level of stress, so I made an announcement over the PA today that I feel was as transparent as I could be. I sent you that very communication this morning so nothing was lost in translation. I hope you can speak with your children and put them at ease along with you as well.

We did manage to do some pretty incredible things this week as well! We had our Spring Sports Meeting at lunch today. We had several games this week that had large turnouts.

Principals Coffee Next Week: Mark Your calendars for 1/2/24 at 9 am!

Minimum Day a Week Next Year: CHOOSE NOW!

SGT will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, January 30.  

The main topic of concern is including a modified day every week for next school year.

Please contribute by completing this brief survey:

PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF JUNIORS: Please scroll to the bottom of this blog. There is a caveat in a form you filled out before, and if you checked a certain box, you can not get letters of rec, transcripts, or much else, and you need them. Look under Counseling. It discusses Question 32 and shows you how to change it so we can better serve your students!


ALL WEEK: Musical Rehearsals

Tuesday: VAPA PD in Alumni Room

Friday: Blood Drive and Principal Coffee

Saturday School is how you make up work and clear those tardies! Are only 14 Left, and the dates through Spring Break are posted so you can plan.

Here is the signup information:



We are now doing an Athletic Weekly; this is created with the most accurate data we have at the time, and we understand things change at the last minute, so always check MaxPreps as well.

Athletic Weekly:



The parents need to be aware of Question 32 and permission to release information to third parties when the time comes.


Dear Parents for the class of 2025.


We are reaching out in preparation for the upcoming school year. Our records indicate your student will be a senior next year and we need permission to release of information for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the list below:


  • Transcripts,

  • Letters of Recommendation,

  • Financial Aid Forms,

  • Report Cards,

  • Class Ranking Status (including UC ELC data)  


Please update this information using the parent portal. The app may not have this option. The steps are shown below.


Step 1: Go into Parent Portal, and on the navigation menu on the left, scroll down to "update your information"

Steps 2 and 3 are as follows:

For the community:

*Local assistance center opening in Spring Valley on Sunday 


See below for resources for families who lost housing in yesterday’s flooding who do not have insurance:


1) Red Cross at Lincoln High School-

Please direct families to enter off Franklin & Gloria at the new gym. There is Red Cross personnel on campus to assist. Families can take their pets there. The Humane Society set up an area outside of the gym for pets so they don't have to leave them. The situation will be assessed day by day, but they are currently open.





Booster Clubs are created by each "Class Of" to raise funds to create unforgettable experiences for your students. Items include caps for graduation, prom ticket prices, organizing Grad Night, and having fundraisers to pull this off. They work very hard and need your support. Please go to your student's "Class Of" website and join the registry to stay up to date on all things going on with your student's graduating class.

Main Parent Booster Website

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