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See You Tomorrow!

Canyon Hills Rattlers!

We can't wait to see you tomorrow! Please make sure your student charges their laptop and brings both the cord and computer to school. This is now a standard routine in being prepared to learn! Friday is the first Principals Coffee and the link is on the CHHS website on the calendar. We will see you then!


We had the largest turnout ever for our largest fundraiser our annual Bocce Tournament! We raised an amazing amount of monies for your students and had a ton of fun. The Foundation thanks you and everyone who came out to this event.

Student Tour Success!

WOW. Last Friday we did a student tour. I thought maybe 20 students who show and we had over 100! Special thanks the CHHS Couciling for putting it together! They even got to go in the new building!

First Day : AUGUST 30th 2021!

New Phone Number: 619-605-8100.

******NOTE: We currently have several teachers that are awaiting final clearance to report to work. We have hired them, but Dept. of Justice is way backed up on fingerprints. This issue is not a CHHS issue and its happening at every school and in all surrounding districts as well. If you see on your students schedule something like "Teacher B, C, AA, BB, ZT" or anything like that we have a teacher for your child but again are awaiting final clearance. We have a plan for this at school so no need to worry!*****

First Day Procedures:

1. Students can show up to the SOUTH LOT and park--- closest to Santo Rd and TS Blvd--(NORTH LOT is for STAFF) OR be dropped in the front of the school and/or drop across the street in Portofino. Busses drop students in NORTH LOT.

2. Students will enter school and see boards all over that will have their STUDENT ID number and your student's Period 1 course. Students will report to Period 1 and get their paper schedule with their classes for the rest of the day. The schedule is in PowerSchool and you can view it; Student planners will be getting to your students Day 2 and every child get one for free.

3. We will have adults all over campus ready to help students find rooms during the entire day and the next day.

4. All schedule changes are done electronically! Students and parents do not wait in a long line for hours. Schedules are only changed for glaring errors such as if a student has two math classes or a course they already took. Counselors have reviewed transcripts and scheduled them in the courses they need to graduate. This protocol is VERY Important with COVID. Please use the link

COVID Procedures as they stand now:

Students must: use ClearPass before coming to school. Best way is on laptop at home:

or we will have a QR Code at the gates.

Want to help us keep CHHS an amazing place to be? There are three ways for you AND your student! Nominations are being taken now.


1. Foundation: Parent Group focused on fundraising for our students! Even if you can't donate your time you can donate by joining as a member. Click here:

2. School Site Council (SSC): This group determines how money in Title 1 and LCFF are spent (money for things that support ALL students). In addition, they have other responsibilities as well. We need 2 parents and 2 students. Email Nicholas Willis at if you or your student is interested. If you are on another committee we politely ask that you allow others to be able to participate.

2. Governance: This group discusses and gives advice to the Principal on instructional issues and policies on campus. We have all we need here already...WOW! If you would like to relinquish your position contact me at

CHHS Bell Schedule and Important Dates: The minimum and short days were eliminated. Canyon Hills has the same schedule every single day to provide consistency for families except on the final exam days. Note: Most students start at 8:45 in Period 1.

Principal's Coffee: What is this? This is an hour and a half with my whole team including me where we talk every month about all things CHHS and then we stay and answer any questions, rumors, concerns, anxiety or celebrations you have! We are here for you! Mark your calendars!

Link is located on school calendar and we will see you then!


Counselors are here to help you! The way your students ask to see their counselor is by going to the CHHS website and clicking on the "Counseling Tab"--then they click on their counselor fill out the form. Counselors will then call them to the office. The days when I was in high school you went to the Counseling Office and waited around...sometimes on purpose so you wouldn't have to go to class and then you got to hear adult business! This is much more streamlined today. However, in emergencies you ABSOLUTELY can just come on in. Want to pop in and ask a question during passing period...of course! Here's what the page looks like:

We have a new counselor this year as Dr. Mora retired. Mr. Gonzales was heavily recruited and we know your students are in good hands. He can't wait to meet you all! He is the Counselor for the Class of 2024.


All athletic packets can be uploaded and handed in this way. You do not need to come in and drop them off. Please go to and follow the instructions.

Athletics is a very complex program. It's like running a whole separate school. While I can highlight a few things here, you must check that website daily and reach out to the proper coaches. This blog highlights sporting events with pictures and celebrations but doesn't get into the operations of athletics. Please bookmark that site so you have it. CHHS has one of the largest programs in the county and state.

Girls Tennis Team Photo: Looking great in red and black!

Have a great weekend and we can't wait to see you all soon!

Dr. Erica Renfree

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