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Prom, Banquets, Parades, Field Trips, LETS GO CHHS!

Hello Rattler Nation-

We have four school days until Graduation and eight until we finish! The students have been in the best mood (look above), and the Administration has been everywhere humanly possible to celebrate varying students, events on and off campus, and all grades. This blog has a lot of pictures.

I am posting the next two weeks' worth of events leading up to the end of the year.

End of the Year Request: If you do ONE thing to give back to the school, please do this:

Give this blog and its link to one parent at the middle school, even if they are not in 8th grade. Give it to an elementary parent if you want. I think it is essential for the community to hear about the school—good or bad (sad face)—and see it in pictures, videos, and events. It's also great for their students to see it and get excited. It's never too early to engage with the high school. This blog usually comes out once before August and weekly throughout the year!

Mark Your Calendars!

First Day of School is August 12th, 2024

Ninth Grade Bridge Day is August 5th! More information is coming soon.



Tuesday: Student Schedule Preview Day (see below)

Tuesday-Thursday Senior Finals

Thursday: Salute to Excellence for our Valedictorians and Salutatorian; End of the Year Concert

Friday: Graduation Rehearsal/Practice and Lunch

Saturday: GRADUATION at 10 am in the Stadium (see information below)


Monday: Nothing

Tuesday-Thursday: Finals and BOOM, Last Day of School! YAY


Please click this link: HERE

PROM: A HUGE hit and ZERO Issues. Just non-stop fun! House of Blues was amazing.


On May 28th, all students can view the six courses enrolled for the next school year. If students would like to request a change, they will have the opportunity through a link given to them on Tuesday, which will close on Friday, May 31st.

***DO NOT EMAIL YOUR COUNSELOR WITH YOUR REQUEST. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM WITH YOUR REQUEST AND QUESTIONS NEXT WEEK. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT THIS FORM IS FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2024*** Some adjustments will not be possible due to section numbers, graduation requirements, and District/Ed Code rules. We cannot change teachers or period requests only for repeats, wrong level/grade, or missing classes. If you want to change an elective, we will do our best to address it. 

TTown Parade: What a fantastic event every year put on by TTown Kiwanis! We always have a great time and love hosting them in our parking lot to set up! Seeing this exceptional community come together on Armed Forces Day is fantastic!

Vista Grande's Safety Patrol was practicing outside my office door: They are so cute and knew who I was!

 ROTC: ROTC's Biggest Event of the Year was the same day, and ROTC was in two places at the same time! Great Job, and Happy Armed Forces Day!

Stoles and Sashes Awarded in Various Domains: Here are a few!

Leader In Me:

Hazem Said, Ben Rannazzisi, and Annalisa Parker get their stoles for Graduation for all their work building student voice and advocacy for Leader in Me here at CHHS!

Chavistas get their stoles for community service in our most underrepresented neighborhoods. Their work was instrumental in securing funding for a Welcome Center for Refugees in our county in the Hoover Cluster Area. This will have an impact on newcomers for decades to come! They also did other things like donating 700 pounds of food and making sandwiches for them on the weekends! The stoles are well deserved, and Issac San Martin was awarded a scholarship for 2k for his work. He received this from one of the most prominent leaders in San Diego and the State for the Chicano movement, Mrs. Linda!

Banquets Galore:

Administration attended almost every end-of-the-year banquet this year! Here are pics from several of them!

Theater Rocked out by commensing their new Thespian Society. This is a huge step forward in the Arts in Theater and the students took the oath and thanked one another for their work and their high regard for one another.


They had their banquet, and all the seniors received pink cords for Graduation. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Miramar College

We had a group of 11 junior students, plus a sophomore and a guest (an older sibling of two of the students who is exploring options), learn about the Career Education certificated programs, support if they need it while in college, a quick tour around the campus, especially to see their most proud CE programs. I love how they all found something valuable and that the experience sparked a hope that there are options after high school.     

UCSD Listening Lab End-of-Year Celebration: Students worked hard all year with UCSD on solutions to absenteeism. They had a great time.

Black Student Union to the "Museum of US"

Students took a field trip to Balboa Park to see the Museum of the United States, a museum dedicated to the diverse stories of our past, present, and future that define us. They then went to lunch and had a great time celebrating the end of the year!


Garden Club Event:

This is a photo of the Canyon Hills Green Garden Club rockstars, Avery Becker and Isis Durante, running the garden club table, promoting mental health and wellness through gardening. It was taken today, 5/24, during the Club Elevated Mental Health and Awareness Lunchtime information booth. Avery and Isis are always ready to engage other students and showcase the garden and club. Gardening promotes time outdoors, touching the soil, growing plants, and providing aromatherapy. When we pull or touch a plant such as lavender or mint, it releases its scent into the air around us. When we garden, we are active, moving, lifting heavy objects, squatting, and more; this movement is good for our mental state.  Furthermore, the gardening community is a welcoming group willing to help one another plant, grow, share knowledge, and share the fruits of our labor.


We are now doing an Athletic Weekly; this is created with the most accurate data we have at the time, and we understand things change at the last minute, so always check MaxPreps as well.

Powderpuff Success: Seniors were DOMINATED, and all had a great time!


Youth Summit:

Is your student interested in joining a club over the summer? If so, your student is invited to join SAY San Diego's club ELEVATED as they participate in a youth leadership summit on June 20th and June 21st. Attendees will engage in fun leadership activities to gain insights into youth advocacy, explicitly focusing on substance use prevention. Additionally, they will receive public speaking training to communicate their messages and inspire change effectively. Please see the flyer for details and contact Stacy Chiles at for more information. 

Blanchard Institute Student Leadership course: Click Here

Booster Clubs are created by each "Class Of" to raise funds to create unforgettable experiences for your students. Items include caps for graduation, prom ticket prices, organizing Grad Night, and having fundraisers to pull this off. They work very hard and need your support. Please go to your student's "Class Of" website and join the registry to stay up to date on all things going on with your student's graduating class.

Main Parent Booster Website:

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