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Pep Rally, Spring Break, and a Prom Venue!

Good Afternoon Rattler Nation,

We have a lot to talk about in this blog, so please read everything. Spring Break is starting and we hope you and your students take this time to recharge as I'm sure we all need it to push through the last weeks of school! Principals Coffee is moved from the Friday of Spring break to April 8, 202,2 and is a meeting for parents only as it is not a public meeting. We have an offsite Prom Venue and want to thank Joey Schmidt for not giving up and the students who voted for it to move forward! Details below. We have a fantastic pep rally today and are very excited about it. Details are as follows:

ASB has been hard at work, and we are proud to announce the first rally in Canyon Hills History! Join us next Friday, March 25th, in the stadium. We have some special surprises in store for all of you, so make sure to be there! Wear your class colors and bring that Canyon Hills Spirit!

Seniors- Red

Juniors- Black

Sophomores- White

Freshman- Gray

Incident on Tuesday:

On Tuesday, we had to call an ambulance for a child having a medical issue. That probably happens once a month; usually, they enter the school for a different entrance. This emergency was in our new building, so we had to enter the other way in front. The child was taken, and I covered them because students sadly were videotaping and I needed to protect their privacy. The student was fine and discharged later that day. Students started saying everything from a child OD'd and died on campus--never has happened--to there was a bathroom full of blood--never happened---to we had a knife fight--never happened and everything in between. This occurs anytime there is an ambulance here.

In past years, unfortunately, we have lost students tragically. When that happens, a very strict protocol is followed, including a statement to the community. However, just like the lockdown, some things will not be discussed unless it is the passing of a student or staff member and no details will be provided. Families want privacy and in the end, if it was your child you would want it.

I did let staff know there was nothing worth reporting than a medical emergency and if they heard kids talking to address it. However, as a parent please speak to your children about what to do when a medical emergency is seen on campus or anywhere, and that is two things:

  1. Please do not videotape--I was very disappointed to see this.

  2. Do not spread things you did not witness firsthand, as that is also very damaging and traumatizes the family more than they already are having to meet their child at the hospital.

We appreciate your support.

MASKING: to end when we return--but must be worn in health office still!!!!

- All students will be provided at-home Covid test kits next Thursday, 3/24/22, to self-test before returning to campus after spring break. Testing is not mandatory for return but encouraged. The school is closed all spring break. We will not be here to give you a test.

- Although masking indoors and outdoors is optional after spring break, the CDPH requires masks to be worn in all health care settings - including the Canyon Hills health office.

Are you looking to donate in 2022? The Serra Foundation is always looking for donations to benefit the academic and athletic programs.

All tax-deductible donations can be made at:

SWAG as a graduation present?????



March 28-April 1: Spring Break

APRIL 4-8:

Monday: Nothing


Wednesday: Parent Foundation Meeting--6:30 - 7:30. All are welcome and link on the calendar.

Thursday: Academic League 6:30 - 9

Friday: Principals Coffee--Parents of Students only, please, as this is not a public meeting

Saturday School:

Class of 2022 SENIORS, please pay attention!!! You have to clear your absences to graduate! --this is a district policy, NOT a CHHS policy

ALL students can take Saturday School. There are ONLY 8 left.

Saturday School:

Please sign your child up or have them do it themselves.

The following link is on the CHHS webpage as well under STUDENTS:



Need Tutoring from a TEACHER? Here is the schedule: School-wide Tutoring Schedule!

Canyon Hills ASB is beginning College Wear Wednesdays. You'll get a chance to show off your college pride by wearing some college-related gear every week (including everything from hoodies to sweatpants to lanyards). We hope to see you all dressed in your college gear every Wednesday!


Scholarship Opportunities:

Applications will be available at the Canyon Hills High School Guidance office commencing Friday, March 25, 2022; alternatively, applicants may request them by contacting Bob Richards at An application is included on the following pages - please return all application materials to Bob Richards ( either by email or by mail to him at 5571 Bravo Court, San Diego, CA 92124 – all applications must be received by midnight on Friday, April 22, 2022.

Academic Letters:

At Canyon Hills High School, students must be recognized in various ways. Some recognition may include performance in athletics, participation in clubs or groups, and special honors/awards. One of the ways we recognize academic performance at CHHS is with an Academic Letter.

Students can qualify for an academic letter in the following ways.

  • Have a 3.5 (weighted or un-weighted) GPA for two consecutive semesters or four cumulative semesters.

  • Be a full-time Canyon Hills student during the qualifying semesters.

  • Not have an “unverified absence” or “truancy” in any qualifying semesters.

Qualifying students must get their academic status verified by their counselor. They can do this by scheduling an appointment with their counselor. The application can be DOWNLOADED HERE, or your counselor can print it out during your appointment.

If you are already in possession of a varsity letter, you will be provided with an "academic" insert for your letter, and around CHHS Academics patch. If you do not have a varsity letter, it will be provided to you by your counselor.


Make sure to buy your yearbooks before the prices rise! You can purchase your yearbook at the finance office or online at (type in Canyon Hills, select 2021-22, and buy!)

Athletics: Please check


Senior Event Dates:


Our final two fundraisers are an excellent IN PERSON FUN & FABULOUS BINGO NITE (21+) in Tierrasanta and an ONLINE AUCTION hosted by Bidding Owl. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR BINGO ($65 pp--includes dinner, one drink, and bingo) on 4/24/22 at Fifty9Fifty in Tierrasanta from 4-8 pm. We need your help! We need all hands on deck! What you can do:

  • Donate your time (prepping for the event by helping organize, helping us clean up, signing up to bring a dessert, or reaching out to businesses to donate prizes)

  • Donate items yourself like store gift cards or other prizes for our online auction

  • Are you tech-savvy? Can you help with managing our online auction on Bidding Owl? It's super easy, free and Bidding Owl does it all for you!

  • Attend the Bingo, and receive five chances to win amazing prizes. Buy additional Bingo cards for more chances to win, win, win!

  • Can't volunteer? Can't make it on 4/24? PLEASE donate the ticket price instead of attending the event (

Our team of Parent Booster officers has brought this campaign to SO CLOSE our fundraising goal. We need dedicated parents like you to help bring this over the line! SO PLEASE PLEDGE TO DONATE YOUR TIME OR MONEY TODAY.

  • For all things, Class of 2025, click here to read our Newsletter, updated every FRIDAY!

  • Did you know the 9th grade Academy has a student handbook? Click here.

PEER TUTORING for the Class of 2025--but everyone is welcome!

This program is on hold as we are having difficulties getting students to sign up to come to tutoring, and we haven't had any drop-ins. We have willing tutors, but students are not taking advantage of this opportunity.


Do you have a Senior? Well, CHHS has a Booster Club so you can stay up to date on things and events about them:

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school. As your student approaches senior year, through fundraising and donations, this group helps offset the cost and implement activities like grad-night, prom, senior luncheon, graduation venue, powder-puff, and more.

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school.


  • Graduation is Saturday, June 11th, 5-7 pm at CHHS

  • There will be a ticket limit

  • Grad Nite Friday, June 3-4

  • All of the 150 tickets have been sold

  • The waitlist is open on the booster website!

  • website:

  • Follow us on Instagram: @CHHS2022PBC

  • Follow us on Facebook: CHHS C/O 2022 PARENT

  • Follow senior class on Instagram: @chhsco22

  • Caps and Gowns on sale now:

  • We have raised $7200 of our $10,000 goal

  • Meeting: Monday, April 11, 2022 at 7:00 pm, Zoom link: Click here

Password: Escondido Meeting ID: 693 398 4637

See Booser Website for more details.

  • Class shirts: Sold TWO Days ONLY! 3/23 & 3/24



Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts for only a $10 donation!

Go here to get your dozen donuts!:

Family Coming Into Town?? Don’t like to shop and take time to prepare dinner, Dream Dinners and the class of 2023 has you covered!

Spend less time, shopping, lugging bags, chopping and prepping! All meals come bagged and ready to cook. You can freeze pre-prepared meals too! Great for camping or bringing your own meals on vacation!

  • Order by: Sunday April 10, 2022

  • P/u Date: Tuesday April 12, 2022 @ 5pm

  • Local Pick up at Canyon Hills High School - Student Parking Lot

Share with your friends and family.

Next Meeting: APRIL 14 7:00 pm *NEW Date* We will be discussing fundraising over the summer and for their Senior Year!


Password: 7kKnw4

Meeting id: 813 2876 4788




  • Website:

  • New email:

  • Join the registry: click here to receive info

  • Meeting: Topic: Class of 2024 Parent Booster Meeting on May 10th 6:30pm via Zoom

  • Meeting ID: 862 1621 2254

  • Passcode: 317369

  • Flock a Senior! Almost sold out!

  • The Class of 2024 is now selling Rattlers Pom Poms for $5!

  • Class shirts: Sold TWO Days ONLY! 3/23 & 3/24

Click here for Class 2024 order form:


  • Class shirts: Sold TWO Days ONLY! 3/23 & 3/24

Dr. Erica Renfree

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