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Heading towards Winter more to go!

Good Afternoon Rattlers!

This week brought lots of things to be grateful for as we spent a lot of time in classroom watching students do truly amazing things. They have had to adapt so much and I always say it but I mean it...CHHS is the best school in all the land! This blog will focus not only on this upcoming week leading into the Holiday but also on the week we return so you are prepared.

Powderpuff has been postponed until the new year as weather isn't looking great so stay tuned for that and enjoy your Friday night at home! However, there are many activities during the days next week.

Looking to donate in 2021? The Serra Foundation is always looking for donations to benefit the academic and athletic departments.

All tax deductible donations can be made at:

Thank you!

IMPORTANT: If you are military and your teen has been vaccinated on base you need to submit your card to the district at . Military installations do not give information to the county. You need to tell us.

Heres the calendar for next week!

Monday: Professional Learning Communities for Teachers

Tuesday: School Site Council Meeting at 7:50 AM

Wednesday: Music Dept prepares for Concert

Thursday: Winter Music Concert --7:00PM- 9:00PM


Heres the calendar for the week we return:

Monday: Staff Meeting: CANCELLED.

Tuesday: Governance Meeting--Instructional Issues.

Wednesday: Parent Foundation Meeting: All are welcome and link is on calendar

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Principal's Coffee

Vaccine Clinic:

I’m happy to report that Sharp has agreed to do vaccine event at Canyon Hills HS on 12/13/21- Monday. Sharp vaccine events have all types of the Pfizer vaccination, pediatric dose included. The times will be from 10:00-2:00.

Here are some important information points:

  • Students eligible for vaccines are anyone age 5 and over. Pfizer vaccine is the only brand approved for students 5 and over

  • New recommendations are that anyone 14 days past a COVID positive infection can receive vaccine, as long as their symptoms have resolved.

  • Paper consents are attached for parent signatures. They include the new age qualifications of 5 and older. They are attached on this email.

  • Students older than 12 years old at the host site only need a signed consent

  • It is recommended the site have an egress pattern that is close to an entrance or exit site from school, as to not disturb the students Clinic Day Information:

  • Consents are translated into multiple languages, Please send them out to your students, if they are the host schools students they only need the consent

  • Anyone age 18 or older can schedule an appointment or walk in.

  • Clinic is open to community, staff, families and students.

  • Appointments are encouraged but not mandatory

  • (link for appointment)

Sock Drive: The Robotics Team is doing a sock drive for the holidays to help those in need. This organization seeks to provide free, emergency clothing to individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship or crisis. They are an awesome organization and we are happy to help!


Saturday School:

Does you child have tardies or unexcused absences that will prevent them from future events and activities or a student who may need tutoring?????? Saturday School is a way to make these up. TO SIGN UP CLICK THIS LINK:

Each child who was eligible--and its almost everyone--got a letter with the link to sign up. Please make sure you are checking PowerSchool daily.


We are having an uptick in issues in the bathrooms. We will not tolerate it. The other HS Principals are reporting the same thing so this isn't limited to here. We had a meeting today and will be implementing a new plan to address this issue. We take it seriously, however we are stronger in numbers...please let your children know if they see something they should report it.

Gifts for the Holidays!!!

This time of year is also the time we like to give gifts. There are two ways in which we are offering ways to not only gift your loved ones but also help the school. Here's how:

1. SWAG Store



Testing for Athletes over the break is on WEDNESDAY December 22th and 29th from 1:00-4:00.


Need Tutoring from a TEACHER??? Here is the schedule: School-wide Tutoring Schedule!

Vaccine Mandate:

The district is MOVING FORWARD with this despite what you may be hearing on the news. Please go to this page: This page has so many great questions about Student Vaccines!

The school is not the decision maker on these issues. Many of you are trying to meet with office or CHHS Admin about this issue. We hold no power and we have all the same information I have put out and nothing more. I know as little as you do and am awaiting more details. I know it's frustrating.

If you are receiving text messages from someone telling you you are in close contact or non close contact it is REAL and is the district. Depending on who contacts you they aren't being the most transparent in identifying themselves. You have every right to ask what entity they are from, but more than likely they are from SDUSD or Dept. of Health.


Course Selections will start at the end of January and will go through February so we can get started on master schedule.

FAFSA deadline is March 2, 2022, yet the sooner you submit your application the better chance you have of getting more financial aid. We work with UCSD CalSoap to host CalSoap Workshops to help students and parents complete their FAFSA. If you are interested in scheduling a one on one appointment please select a date:

  • For all things Class of 2025, click here to read our Newsletter, updated every FRIDAY!

  • Did you know the 9th grade Academy has a student handbook? Click here.

PEER TUTORING for the Class of 2025--but everyone is welcome!

Peer tutoring is now offered 5 days a week, before school, at lunch, and after school! Sign up or walk in. CHHS Juniors and Seniors can't wait to help you!

Link to sign up:


Do you have a Senior? Well CHHS has a Booster Club so you can stay up to date on things and events pertaining to them:

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school. As your student approaches senior year, through fundraising and donations, this group helps offset the cost and implement activities like grad-night, prom, senior luncheon, graduation venue, powder-puff, and more.

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school.


  • Grad Nite Decision in! California Adventure, June 3, 2022. Mark your calendars! Ticket sales and info to follow.

  • website:

  • Follow us on Instagram: @CHHS2022PBC

  • Follow us on Facebook: CHHS C/O 2022 PARENT

  • Follow senior class on Instagram: @chhsco22

  • We have raised $5100 of our $10,000 goal

  • Meeting: Monday, December 13, 2021 at 7:00 pm, Zoom link: Click here

Password: Escondido Meeting ID: 693 398 4637

Senior Class See's Candies Fundraiser ends December 3rd!

Earned $1000 of $5000 goal!




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