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Happy New Year

Rattler Nation!

This week brought lots of concerns about the lockdown and also the vaccine mandate.

I want to personally thank everyone for their positive words. I want to reiterate there is nothing we wont do to keep you students safe and we appreciate your understanding. You can never be too careful these days.

Great news: The vaccine mandate is no more..... for now. Everyone received a message I believe by this morning. It doesn't mean they may not put stipulations on it like testing but we shall see. As many of you know I find out when you do. I'm sorry over the last few weeks I have not had any information. I know that is frustrating for you and your families. If I had answers you would be the first to know. In addition questions around going virtual have started to pop up. At this point the only way that would happen is if our school has a very large outbreak with staff and students. The district is committed to keeping schools open.

Principals Coffee: We had a great coffee and while we talk vaccine mandate the information is now mute. Here is the presentation:

Absences and Finals: We understand many of you are out on protocol OR are scared you might end up out on protocol: We are collecting data on finals from our teachers right now and I'll be putting something out about how this is going to go. We totally understand your anxiety but try to relax. This is happening at every high school right now and is a concern of all the principals.

CSF: "CSF Members: We are having our first meeting on Friday, 1/14, in the library patio during lunch. We will be discussing a lot, so we hope to see you there!"


Navy JROTC Cyber Team Advances to Semifinals

Hundreds of teams participated in this year’s national CyberPatriot competition. The top 25% of teams, within each skill tier, advance to the Semifinals from the State Round Gold Division. Congratulations to our Cyber Rattlers! (left to right) Marcus Reyes, Torin Ebinger-Smith, Samual Lesch, Deanna Parot (Team Captain)

Looking to donate in 2022? The Serra Foundation is always looking for donations to benefit the academic and athletic departments.

All tax deductible donations can be made at:

Thank you!

IMPORTANT: If you are military and your teen has been vaccinated on base you need to submit your card to the district at . Military installations do not give information to the county. You need to tell us.

Heres the calendar for next week! Very slow week before finals the following week.

Monday: Professional Learning Communities for Teachers

Tuesday - Friday: Nothing

Monday 1/17 is a Holiday---MLK

COVID and Testing: New people testing--not UCSD--

Weekly Covid Testing

  • Same day, same time, and same place - just a new company. We have transitioned to from UCSD to Responsive Lab Partners.

  • Those who have already completed consents with UCSD, should not have to complete a consent again.

  • For those new to testing and need to sign up, you can do so here:

  • Results will be sent via email/text through School Messenger.

  • No appointments are needed.

  • We will no longer have drive up testing and will only be testing staff and students at CHHS.

  • Ed Center Covid Testing

  • New Contact Tracing Staff

    • You may be contacted by phone, text, or email.

  • Covid Guidelines

    • CDC has changed their guidelines, at this time our guidelines remain the same as they were before break.

  • Response Times

    • Typically we make contact within 12-24 hours of being notified of a positive case (to include close contacts). However, with the surge in cases it’s taking longer. General guidelines to follow until you are contacted:

      • If your student is positive keep them home.

      • If your student is a close contact and unvaccinated keep them home.

      • If your student is a close contact and is vaccinated but showing symptoms, keep them home.

      • If your student is ill (headache, fever, cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, muscle aches, lost of taste/smell etc).


Saturday School:

Does you child have tardies or unexcused absences that will prevent them from future events and activities or a student who may need tutoring?????? Saturday School is a way to make these up. TO SIGN UP CLICK THIS LINK:

Each child who was eligible--and its almost everyone--got a letter with the link to sign up. Please make sure you are checking PowerSchool daily.


We are having an uptick in issues in the bathrooms. We will not tolerate it. The other HS Principals are reporting the same thing so this isn't limited to here. We had a meeting today and will be implementing a new plan to address this issue. We take it seriously, however we are stronger in numbers...please let your children know if they see something they should report it. Also if your child is a frequent flyer or we suspect they may be in the bathroom attempting to vape we will be going through everyones backpacks. Also know many of our female students are concealing their vapes on body parts we are not allowed to search.

SWAG Store



Need Tutoring from a TEACHER??? Here is the schedule: School-wide Tutoring Schedule!


Course Selections will start at the end of January and will go through February so we can get started on master schedule.

FAFSA deadline is March 2, 2022, yet the sooner you submit your application the better chance you have of getting more financial aid. We work with UCSD CalSoap to host CalSoap Workshops to help students and parents complete their FAFSA. If you are interested in scheduling a one on one appointment please select a date:

  • For all things Class of 2025, click here to read our Newsletter, updated every FRIDAY!

  • Did you know the 9th grade Academy has a student handbook? Click here.

PEER TUTORING for the Class of 2025--but everyone is welcome!

Peer tutoring is now offered 5 days a week, before school, at lunch, and after school! Sign up or walk in. CHHS Juniors and Seniors can't wait to help you!

Link to sign up:

Club Elevate:


Club Elevated teams up with Country Wine & Spirits, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

“Preventing underage drinking is everyone’s job,” according to Dellon Esho, a manager at Country Wine & Spirits in Tierrasanta. “It’s not up to the police or Mothers Against Drunk Driving.”

Esho spoke at a Sticker Shock event on the last day of school before winter break. The event was organized by members of Club Elevated at Canyon Hills High School.

“Sticker Shock is a youth led, youth designed project,” said Kaley Kantor of Mothers Against Drunk Driving San Diego. “The students create stickers and tags that go on containers of beer, wine and liquor. The idea is to discourage adults from buying alcohol for minors.”

“Research tells us that even during the teen years, parents have a big impact on their children’s behavior,” Nick Alcorn said. He’s a member of Club Elevated and a senior at CHHS.

“Having talks about alcohol can keep your teen from starting to drink,” Alcorn explained. “Club Elevated members did our own survey, asking classmates whether their parents have conversations with them about alcohol. The good news? Most students said their parents have talked with them about alcohol.”

Student Via Perlas said alcohol affects teenagers differently than it affects adults.

“Some people think that as long as kids aren’t driving, drinking isn’t a big deal, but drunk driving isn’t the only problem,” Perlas said. “When younger people drink, they tend to drink more than adults do. They get into fights, or fall down stairs and get hurt. People who have been drinking make bad decisions.”

James Mah of Club Elevated added, “Research shows that most of the time, underage drinkers don’t buy alcohol or steal it from stores. They get it from someone else for free, and the person who provides the alcohol is often over 21 years old. Sticker Shock reminds people not to provide alcohol to minors, or to let them drink in your home.”

State Farm Insurance agent Chris Shamoon also spoke at Sticker Shock. He’s also President of the Tierrasanta Community Council, which serves as the local planning group.

“The Council makes decisions about the future of Tierrasanta,” Shamoon said. “We review plans for buildings, streets, and sidewalks. Our goal is helping this community reach its potential.”

“However, the community isn’t buildings and streets: It’s the people who live, work, and go to school here,” Shamoon said. “Sticker Shock is about the future, and helping young people reach their potential. When Club Elevated works with Country Wine & Spirits, they’re not just preventing drunk driving now. They are also helping people make better decisions and live healthier lives.”

For more information about Club Elevated, please contact Stacy Chiles at


Do you have a Senior? Well CHHS has a Booster Club so you can stay up to date on things and events pertaining to them:

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school. As your student approaches senior year, through fundraising and donations, this group helps offset the cost and implement activities like grad-night, prom, senior luncheon, graduation venue, powder-puff, and more.

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school.


Password: Escondido Meeting ID: 693 398 4637

Upcoming Fundraisers to support Senior Class:




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