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Happy Holidays and New Year! Blog for Jan 2-6th included

Hello Rattler Nation!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours. It's hard to believe that my sons were 1.5 years old and six months old when I started here. Time flies! CHHS Administration wants you to know how grateful we are to all of you and your support for your students and us. Every year here gets better and better, and there is no other place we would rather be! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we wish you a much-needed restful break.

If you want to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year, please consider donating to The Canyon Hills Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization of volunteer parents, faculty, alumni, and community members working together to assist in areas that general school funding does not cover. Please send a check payable to Canyon Hills Foundation to make a voluntary membership donation. To donate online or for more information about the Canyon Hills Foundation, please visit our website at On behalf of Canyon Hills students who benefit from these valuable programs, thank you for supporting the Canyon Hills Foundation.

WOW, what a fantastic week. We had two Pep Rally's for our incoming 8th graders (see picture below). We also had several athletic contests and also two VAPA concerts. See the pictures below. DP and Farb students were well-behaved and had a great time; we can't wait to see them next year. After the break, counselors will go to the middle school to talk about classes for next year! VAPA at CHHS partnered with the middle schools for a Winter Concert, and it was so amazing to see, and all the support was astounding. The line was through campus and out to the parking lot! Orchestra, Choir, Band, and ColorGuard rocked! Also, don't forget January 2 is not a school day. We return the Tuesday!

Holiday Movie Night is tonight!

Calendar for Week of Return:

Monday, January 2: No School

Tuesday-Thursday: Nothing

Friday, January 6: Principals Coffee at 9 am. Link on calendar

Saturday School--Winter Formal is coming, and LOTS have absences

Saturday School is how you make up work and clear those tardies!

Here is the signup information:


We are now doing an Athletic Weekly; this is created with the most accurate data we have at the time, and we understand things change last minute, so always check MaxPreps as well.

TS Pool:

The TS Pool is having many issues regarding equipment and temperature etc. We know this is frustrating to the coaches, students, and parents. While it is beyond our control, we do want you to know we are monitoring it closely and apologize.

Awesome Students Athletes:

Girls Soccer played and won 3-2 against Imperial for the win! Congratulations!

Micheal Hall wins as the 2022 Champion at the Mira Mesa Invitational. Congratulations!

9th Grade Academy!

Welcome to CHHS!

Ms. Elizabeth Ward, Vice Principal, Class of 2025, and the CHHS Admin team and Staff.

Counselors are here to help you! Your students ask to see their counselor by going to the CHHS website and clicking on the "Counseling Tab"-then, they click on their counselor to fill out the form. Counselors will then call them to the office.

Booster Clubs are created by each "Class Of" to raise funds to create unforgettable experiences for your students. Items include caps for graduation, prom ticket prices lowered, organizing Grad Night, and having fundraisers to pull this off. They work very hard and need your support. Please go to your student's "Class Of" website and join the registry to stay up to date on all things going on with your student's graduating class.

Main Parent Booster Website

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