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Grades, Golf, and Tutoring Starting

Hello Rattlers!

The first grading report is over and you can view your student's grades in PowerSchool. This is just a progress report so they still have approx. 12 more weeks until the report card so encourage them to keep going strong! Here is a breakdown overall of grades across the campus

If your child's grades are not looking so good in your opinion tutoring is available. Please review the school wide tutoring schedule! Student do not need to go to tutoring with their own teacher unless indicated.

School-wide Tutoring Schedule!

In addition if you are in Ninth Grade, CLASS OF 2025:

  1. PARENT Survey created by the FAB (Freshman Advisory Board) for the CLASS OF 2025 to provide feedback about your student's experience in the first 6 weeks at CHHS:

We also had parent nights about all things relating to graduation requirements and in addition specific items for underclassmen and upperclassmen. The presentations were recorded and can be found on the Counseling website. There is a lot of new information in here especially under COVID 19 and also Athletics and Boosters so please make sure you review those.

New Building Tour Video: Students from the FAB (Freshman Advisory Board) made a new building tour video

CHHS SWAG STORE IS OPEN: Design your own Swag!!!! This will be open all year!



Many students are out on quarantine right now as in the last week we have had several positive cases. Many of you have asked if the teachers can record themselves teaching or do hybrid.

I wish I had a better answer but it is no. The teacher's union negotiated that that is not to happen so teachers across the district are only doing "standard teaching". I do believe they are in discussion to change this agreement but not sure when or if it will. I apologize but it's out of Principals' hands.

Vaccine Walk Out and Phone Out--TOMORROW.

Over the last week or so I have been asked about whether or not I can expect a large number of students being absent from school tomorrow. In the past when walk outs have happened they have been organized by the students and supported by Administration. This time, students did not come to me to ask to do a walk out. I then learned it's a phone out: meaning students won't come to school and parents won't call them out.

First, if you keep you child at home, the only thing that happens is your child misses a day of school and they have missed enough in my opinion. Work missed will still need to be made up and we are focused on teaching each and everyday.

In public schools when a child is not present, the school will not receive their Average Daily Attendance funding for that child. Because a lot of school funding in California is based on “Average Daily Attendance” (ADA), not enrollment, a school loses approximately $85 per day for every student absent. This directly impacts services your children receive at the school such as a librarian, nurse full-time, counselor full-time etc. The school did not make this mandate and we are underfunded as it is.

As a result, my desire is to have our students attend school and benefit from the learning that will take place. If you so choose to have them stay home and not call them in sick that is your prerogative.

To make your concerns known, whether you are for or against mandates, please see again the letter I wrote last week below.

Last Week I sent this so you can be heard!!

Since the Board’s decision on Tuesday, September 28 to mandate vaccines for all staff and students 16 and older, I have heard from numerous members of our community about the impact this decision has had on them. As you can imagine, with over 1400 students and families and nearly 150 staff members, the responses have varied greatly. However, the one constant has been a desire for their voice to be heard. This was a great reminder to me that as your principal, I must do everything in my power to provide students, families, and staff the opportunity to share how the decisions we make impact our community. As a result, I would like to offer you the opportunity to share with the CHHS admin team (and the SDUSD Board of Education, SDUSD Leadership Team, and CA Governor Gavin Newsom, if you choose to do so) your thoughts on how this vaccine mandate is impacting you and your family. Responses will only be shared with outside entities (i.e., the Board of Education, District Leadership, CA Governor, Gavin Newsom) at the request of the respondent. Bryant H. McGill once said, “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”
While many aspects of this unprecedented time may be outside my control, what I will always offer the Canyon Hills community is a willingness to work side by side for the betterment of our students and an opportunity to ensure your voice is heard. I look forward to your responses and as always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful weekend.
Student Survey:
Parent Survey:


Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: SSC/Finance Meeting--thank you to our volunteers

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Nothing



If you are an Athlete you must test weekly for COVID. If you are vaccinated you don't have to as it's voluntary. Please follow the instructions to sign up on

Student-Athletes are students first and are participating in Education-Based Athletics. There are many advantages of working hard in the classroom and participating in athletics. In order to be eligible to participate in athletics, there are specific policies that must be followed.

Progress Report (P1) has now been recorded by teachers.

The grades of P1 will take effect on Monday, Oct. 18 as per the City Conference Procedures and California Interscholastic Federation Policies and Procedures. Students that have a 2.0 and above in Academics and Citizenship are eligible to play, complete and suit-up for contests. Students that do not meet the requirement of a 2.0 are no longer eligible.

Ineligible students that have already used their one probationary period are not eligible for an additional probationary period this school year. Only one probationary period can be offered per student per year. Students that have not used a probationary period and have gone ineligible at the end of P1 can be offered a probationary period at the discretion of the school.

P2 Grading Period ends on November 19, 2021 and will take effect for eligibility of student-athletes on December 6, 2021.

Congratulations to Amelia Chavez and Claire Riley who have qualified for the CIF Playoff Girls Golf Tournament. The Tournament starts on Monday. Let's Go Rattlers!


Do you have a Senior? Well CHHS has a Booster Club so you can stay up to date on things and events pertaining to them:

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school. As your student approaches senior year, through fundraising and donations, this group helps offset the cost and implement activities like grad-night, prom, senior luncheon, graduation venue, powder-puff, and more.

Let's get together so your student can have a great senior year!!

Password: Escondido. Meeting ID: 693 398 4637


Please remind your students that school begins at 8:45 AM--be on time!



October 2021: Meeting ID: 813 2876 4788 Passcode: 7kKnw4

  • Dine-Outs and other fundraisers: See website.



October 2021:



October 2021:

Have a great week, Rattlers!

Dr. Erica Renfree

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