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Aspen Challenge, Leader in Me, Athletics

Hello Rattler Nation-

We had a busy week here and a fun one! CHHS participates in the Leader in Me program and has been doing amazing things here. We at CHHS are doing so well we have started to have schools from around the nation tour CHHS to replicate what we are doing here. Leader in Me is a program that works with students to ignite their leadership, focusing on the school and personal responsibility, being confident in their voice, and using it to advocate.

Eagle Scout Project:

Here is a photo of Kyle Estep and his Dad after working on his Eagle Scout project for 8 hours on Saturday and many more hours before Saturday. The project is almost complete. I hope you are feeling better and healing quickly. His troop also cleaned up the garden and helped pull weeds. It is coming along nicely.

Aspen Challenge:

Another thing many of our students have been up to is a nationwide competition called the Aspen Challenge, where students have to take an issue facing our communities, create a plan of action, and analyze data for progress. They attend meetings, have been working hard, and had a huge launch day with teams throughout SDUSD competing, and it was amazing. We look forward to winning :).

Student Signing: Ben Randazzo had a signing day here at CHHS because he received the offer late in the year. It was a huge event, and we are proud of him and all the students signing. Pictures are below.

Principal's Coffee:

Principals Coffee is this upcoming Friday, March 1st. We look forward to seeing you on Zoom; the link is on the calendar.


Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays February 22-March 2nd @ 7 pm. Tickets are $12

Friday 2/23 is a pay what you can performance (suggested donation $6). Join us for a night of laughs in the audience or on stage as a contestant! 

Recommended for ages 12+.

Here is the link to buy tickets online:

Does your child need Summer School?????

   Summer School is essential if you have a D or F in a course. It would be best if you recovered that graduation credit.

Mark Your Calendars: P3 ends on 3/1. Please encourage your students to finish strong.


Musical is this weekend and next February 29th and March 1st.

Principals Coffee is March 1.

Saturday School is how you make up work and clear those tardies!

Here is the signup information:


 California Healthy Kids Survey: PARENT EDITION



We are now doing an Athletic Weekly; this is created with the most accurate data we have at the time, and we understand things change at the last minute, so always check MaxPreps as well.

Congratulations to all of the Winter Sports Teams on their seasons.  We are proud of all of you and how you competed, representing the program, team, school, family, and you individually.     The following teams and individuals that made it to CIF Playoffs and we congratulate you on this momentous step:   Wrestling (CIF Divisional);  Boys Soccer (CIF First Round); Girls Soccer (CIF Quarterfinals); Boys Basketball (CIF Simi-Finals).   We Congratulate our Two  Wrestling Individual League Champions, Martin Barnett and Tayanna Fauolo.

 We also thank the Parents, Families, students, and fans who supported all the teams this season.   Your enthusiasm, energy, and support are part of the competitive experience and were felt by everyone on the team.     

Ben Rannazzi Picture and congratulations again!

Athletic Weekly:




In observance of National Cannabis Awareness Month in April, club ELEVATED is organizing a school-wide visual arts contest to bring awareness and education to their peers.  Students who participate will have the opportunity to choose one of three categories to create their piece. Those categories are:

1. Protecting Your Teen Brain & Your Mental Health

2. Positive Social Norms

3. Impaired Driving Prevention.


Students can design their campaign by creating a short video PSA, an Infographic, or Art Work.  Top submissions will be awarded a gift card and showcased at a youth-led culminating event in the spring!


Booster Clubs are created by each "Class Of" to raise funds to create unforgettable experiences for your students. Items include caps for graduation, prom ticket prices, organizing Grad Night, and having fundraisers to pull this off. They work very hard and need your support. Please go to your student's "Class Of" website and join the registry to stay up to date on all things going on with your student's graduating class.

Main Parent Booster Website:

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