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Lots to Talk About!!!

Happy Friday Serra High!

We had a very busy week welcoming student back to the classroom. Literally every single student followed direction and obeyed the guidelines we set forth for safe learning. While I am not surprised by this, it warms my heart every single time SHS delivers not only in rising above all things but also the class acts our students are. I personally have been busy at athletic contests and reopening along with evaluating whether or not we could go to 4 days asap. I have been to soccer games, and volleyball games, and football games, and Saturday I am looking forward to all 5 sporting events in the morning at SHS including our amazing Badminton team!!!!! Tonight is League Championship for Varsity Football vs Henry. Go Q's!

***** Please check your boosters/Class of's at the bottom as many things are going on that you can participate in that also helps the school!********


Many of you have reached out about the 4 day option with questions. We want to serve you in the best way possible. Here is a list of contacts to help you:

If you have a transportation/bus question: Georgina Palacio is the one to help her email is

If you have a question about safety and COVID concerns: Joseph Schmidt is your guy or Nurse Ashley

If you have instructional concerns: contact your child's VP:

Mr. Willis

Ms. Ward

I know there are standard questions so lets see if I can answer some:

  1. If my child has not been coming can they come now? No and I am sorry.......heres why, because just saying no tells you nothing.

I have calculated the numbers of each kid in each period and then added them to see if we went 4 days how many kids would be in the class each period. Then, I went in each and every room and measured for that many kids because they have to be 6 ft apart. So:

Ex. Teacher A in period one has 5 kids on M/T and she has 12 kids W/Th, that would mean in period one she is going to have 17 students. I ask myself "is Teacher A in a big room or a small one?" as different rooms fit differing number of kids.....I go to her class and measure to see if I can get 17 kids in the room.

If she has 22 period 2, and 20 period 3, I need now to know if the highest number of 22 can fit so then I measure for that.

This is all based on kids who have been attending. If Erica's parents hear that we are opening 4 days and Erica hasn't attended this week she is unaccounted for. Therefore, I haven't measured for her, there may not be enough physical space for her, then COVID protocols and distancing would come in play because I would be in overflow......if that happens then I have to find an alternative space which makes teaching even harder if I have to tell the teacher now they need to teach in the Theater.......and the house of cards crumbles......

2. If my child WAS there this past week can I choose which days I come out of the four or do I have to attend all four days? You are highly encouraged to attend all four days. Heres why.

I can't not possibly track that. Just as when we were in school pre-covid, if you are in school then you went M-F and you didn't get to pick and choose. We can't have everyone coming and not coming whenever they want.

It also messes with teachers lessons. If they are planning on set number showing up minus sick students then they do more group talks and project work and presentations. If they never know who's walking in the door they are scrambling.

Contact tracing: if everyone is coming and going whenever they want then I can't trace COVID if there is a positive case. Thats puts us at risk of having to shut down one wants that!!!!

Will you be punished and forced into online ONLY? No. If you are on Zoom you will be marked present however please know that this is going to cause confusion at the site not only for the teachers, but for the staff that is doing everything in their power to keep kids safe. I am aware of other schools in the cluster being at 2 days, please read next question.

3. Some middle schools and Elementary schools are not four days a week and so I don't know what to do if my younger kids are only going 2 days and my high schooler is going 4 and I have to go to work. I have no one to help the little ones?

Relax. It's going to be fine. I have been in contact with both middle school principals and some Elementary principals in the cluster and everyone has and is doing the same evaluation as I did to see if moving to 4 days is possible. HOWEVER, as a community you need to understand some schools will NOT be able to. Heres why:

  1. If 80 percent of kids are returning to a school site, and it differs at every single school, then their classrooms have to be large enough to accommodate 80 percent of the students with distancing. Some sites do not have classrooms big enough....they just don't.

  2. Other schools only have 30 percent of kids returning so they have more than enough space. SHS has only half returning. Other schools in the cluster have a high return rate.

  3. We are all doing the best we can but stay tuned to information coming from those sites.


Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: Taking Care of Business--Office and Library

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Nothing


All Serra Athletic Teams are now on Campus! If you would like to participate or find out whats playing and when go to for more information about signing up, tryouts, practices and games.


Serra High has secured Petco Park for Graduation. We as a school got the very best day and time slot available. All senior parents received the information in a separate email that was sent out this week, The graduation is June 14th, 2021 at Petco Park at 1130. All families will be allowed 4 tickets. Please also see our Graduation website by clicking here:

Grad Night:

Grad Nite- Grad Nite at Universal Studios is now cancelled. Long story short, due to L.A. County restrictions, amusement parks can not accept charter buses or group ticket sales. We JUST learned of this turn of events this week. Although hearing this was very disappointing, we have PIVOTED (yet again!) and we have TENTATIVE reservations at Knott's Berry Farm for Saturday June 12!!!! We are working closely with the tour organizer and should have details very soon, followed by ticket sales. Please have your senior SAVE THE DATE for June 12 with tentative time of 11:00 AM to 12:30 AM on June 13. Thank you for your patience and please know that we are dedicated to providing an experience to make all of our seniors feel special! We are also planning a special surprise for every senior at graduation. Stay tuned!!!

Questions or to request inclusion on our email list, email



Hey Seniors and Senior parents! Class shirts are on sale now! The deadline to buy has been extended! These shirts not only represent the senior class, but the last class of Serra High! You can buy a sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt, or t-shirt. Sales will end Tuesday, April 20th at midnight. You can find the link here or at @serraco2021 on instagram

Clubs and Engagement:

At Serra High School, we have amazing clubs that push for kindness and inclusion such as Friends of Rachel also known as AOK club (Acts of Kindness). This club meets every other Tuesday on zoom. Right now they are working on posters on where the seniors are attending after high school. If you are a senior and interested in the posters please email Hope to see you at the next upcoming AOK club meeting. For the meeting code and any other questions please contact the club advisor Mr. Galm at Looking for something positive and fun to do with your family? Join Club ELEVATED as they host a virtual BINGO night with SD Nights on April 29th at 5:30pm. ELEVATED members will open the event by sharing their campaigns focused on positive social norm. SD Nights will then take over with family BINGO! First 50 students who register will receive a FREE pizza delivered to their home. Did we mention there will be several opportunities to win prizes too!? Register here- For questions, please contact- Stacy Chiles


The final What I Wish My Parents Knew of the school year will focus on the causes and movements youth care about. Youth Leadership groups will be sharing their mission, their why, and why you should care too. Please join us on Tuesday, April 20th from 5:30-6:30 PM for, "Finding My Spark: Youth Leadership & Advocacy" to learn about these causes and how adults can nurture the youth in their lives' passions, and curiosities. To join: Meeting ID: 913 5512 6986 Passcode: WIWMpk21!


If you are under the age of 18 and you are hired for a job, you are required to obtain a work permit. The link below has all the information you need to obtain a work permit.

Class of 2021: Information will be coming out on a regular basis and usually Dr. Renfree puts it towards to the top her blog. However information can always be found here if not in the main blog section. To join this booster click here:

  • Want to help make this night possible for ALL Serra Seniors? We are so happy to accept parent and community donations to support the Serra Seniors. Donate via PayPal online at We are a 501 (3) c non-profit, so your donation may be tax deductible!

Class of 2022: To join this booster click here:

Class of 2023: To join this booster click here:

Calling all Class 2023 Parents! You are cordially invited to:

Calling ALL Class of 2023 Parents!

Are you interested in helping the Class of 2023 Booster Club raise money so the class of 2023 can have some fun events during their senior year? Are you just curious about what we are doing? Do you have some ideas on what we can do? We love ideas and we won't make you be in charge.

Please email: with your name and email address to be added to our list.

We zoom on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Our next meetings are :

March 18, April 15 & May 20 @ 6:30pm.

Zoom link to follow separately to all who signed up to be on our list.


Class of 2023:

Looking for a Great Mother’s Day Gift? How about a professional family photo? Serra Class of 2023 is holding a Photo Session Fundraiser with our own professional photographer! What: 20-minute Family or Individual Photo session When: Sunday, May 2 Where: Old Poway Park. Cost: $50 for 5 high-resolution digital photos! How do I sign-up? All the money will be donated to Serra Booster Class of 2023!

Please share with all your family and friends, and post to your social media! All are welcome to participate, they do not need to be associated with Serra HS. Spots are limited and filling up!

SPECIAL Earth Day Fundraiser!

Check out this amazing sale! Look for different special offers over the next week to celebrate Earth Day!

Tru Earth will donate 20% of all sales to us, via our link!

Check out their products and what they are doing!

Every order has FREE Shipping to US and Canada!

Please share with all your earthly friends and post the link on your social media accounts!

Let's do our part to help save our planet and raise money!

3. Mark your calendars! We got dinner plans.

DINE-OUT! Panera Bread. May 11. Flyer coming soon!

Class of 2024: to join click here:

Class of 2024:

Thank you and I'm off to the football game!

Dr. Erica Renfree

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