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Canyon Hills High School
Resources for Clubs

Start Something...

Clubs provide an opportunity for students to develop real-world skills while expressing themselves.  Use the links below to begin your journey.

Start a new club or
renew an existing one. 

Submit your request to the Finance office at least two weeks prior to your fundraiser. 

Use the ASB PCard for purchases; no reimbursements will be available.

Parallel Lines

Start a Club

Whether you want to start a brand new club, or you want to renew an existing one, this is the place for you!  Keep scrolling the resources you'll need!

Step One

Find a "Faculty" Advisor
Every club must have an adult advisor, and that advisor must be a certificated teacher. 

Step Two

Download a Club Packet
Carefully review and complete the club packet with your advisor. 

CLICK HERE for a club packet.

Step Three

Get Approved
Submit the approved club packet to the finance office.

Resources for Club Meetings

Parallel Lines

Fundraiser Request

After your club is officially approved, you can start organizing fundraisers! Fundraisers are an excellent way to learn essential skills such as cash handling and event planning. Make use of the resources provided in this section to ensure a successful and legal fundraiser.

Step One

Get Advisor Approval

It's your Advisor's role to to ensure your fundraiser follows district procedures and is school appropriate.  They need to approve before you do anything.

Step Two

Hold a Club Meeting
1. Create an agenda

2. Print a sign-in sheet

3. Take minutes

4. Complete Revenue Potential Analysis

The minutes must show that the fundraiser has been approved by the club. 

Step Three

Submit a Fundraiser Request

Attach numbers 1 - 4 from Step Two to your completed Fundraiser Request Form and submit it to the Finance Office at least TWO WEEKS prior to your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Request Form

Resources for Fundraisers

Parallel Lines

Check Out the PCard

All purchases that are not being paid for by school check, must be made with the PCard.   This section will walk you through how to check out the PCard and how to use it. 

Step One

Become an "Authorized User" (Staff Only)
In order to use the PCard, the Advisor must be an authorized user. 
Download THIS F
ORM and submit to the the Finance Office.   This is done only 1 time a year. 

Step Two

Hold a Club Meeting

  • Vote/approve goods and services to be purchased

  • Include quantity, not to exceed amount, and date of event/activities

Step Three

Record in Minutes
Minutes should be dated, approved, and signed by the student representative and club advisor

Step Four

Complete ASB Requisition Form
This form can be found outside the Finance Office Door.  It must be signed by student representative, certificated advisor and admin.

Step Five

Request the Card
It's important to plan ahead.  There is only one PCard, and we have close to 40 clubs.  Use THIS LINK to request the PCard.  Your request goes to the Finance Clerk, and the card can be picked up at the Finance Office.  

Step Six

Double Check
Please be sure you have completed steps one through five prior to requesting the PCard.

Resources for using the PCARD

Parallel Lines

Get in Touch

Joe Schmidt

ASB Advisor

Janett Johnson

CHHS Finance Clerk

Thanks for submitting!

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