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Scholarships for LGBTQIA seniors

Scholarship opportunity for LGBTQIA-identifying seniors with post-secondary plans! Hello from Youth Advocacy Dept. to SDUSD high school administrators, counselors, and GSA advisors,

This is a heads-up about scholarships for LGBTQIA-identified youth. Applicants do NOT have to a part of your GSA. The deadline is quickly approaching, but PFLAG has requested that I go the extra mile because (surprise surprise!) there are currently fewer applicants than actual scholarships. There’s an incredibly good chance that applicants would score one of the scholarships. See below.

This is from our community partners in PFLAG, San Diego County. They want you, the advisors and counselors, to know that these scholarships are deliberately set aside for youth who identify as part of the LGBTQIA community. Applying students have a VERY STRONG chance of winning a scholarship. Do NOT hesitate to apply. They often have BARELY enough applicants for the 14 scholarships. This is truly a worthwhile endeavor. Also check the flyer I’ve attached. PLEASE pitch this hard to your GSA seniors (and put it on the radar of your younger students as well). Big thanks to PFLAG SD County!

PFLAG San Diego County will be offering scholarships to LGBTQ high school seniors. The application, requirements, and other scholarship related information is on the PFLAG SDC website, To apply directly: We will be offering 14 scholarships, two of which are for students who will be attending community college. A minimum of $2,000 will be awarded per scholarship. For questions, please contact The deadline to apply is March 21, 2022.

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