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Congratulations 2024! Let's Wrap This Year Up!

Hello Rattler Nation-

Saturday was the BIG Day! We were so excited for our Seniors. They had graduation, GRAD Night, and this week's senior breakfast, diplomas, etc., and then they went off to adulthood. If you don't have a senior, now is the time to finish strong, so please help support your students through the finish line so they don't have to go to summer school (Summer School has been here at CHHS for many years but is not this year).

Blog in Summer: The Blog will return around the End of July! Please tell ninth-grade parents to subscribe to get everything they need. Also, please mark your calendar for the beginning of school and our largest event of the Year, BOCCE, which starts before school. See both below. A BIG thank you to all of you who have supported the school!

Graduation: Congratulations, Class of 2024:

Salute to Excellence: Last night, we celebrated our top 1% at our Salute to Excellence. The three students below gave it their all in high school, and it showed. Their pathway courses made them passionate about their fields, and college also took notice. I announced Cecila Moxey to the entire group over a nice dinner!

Mark Your Calendars!

First Day of School is August 12th, 2024

Ninth Grade Bridge Day is August 5th! More information is coming soon.

24.25 Academic Calendar here:

25.26: Academic Calendar here:

With the calendars now showing the last days of school after Memorial Day but ending midweek, it does not make sense to have graduation on Saturday unless it is after the last day of school by a day or two. Should the district continue to move it up further, it will still conflict with Memorial Day. We will have to go back to during the week.

Calendar: Last Week:


Monday: Nothing

Tuesday-Thursday: Finals and BOOM, Last Day of School! YAY

Friday: No Students. Last Staff Meeting

Music End of the Year Concert and Banquet:

VAPA students put on a fantastic performance and banquet last week. The arts at CHHS is growing due to our excellent staff and students in the program. We could not have been prouder.


We finished our LipDub, and here it is:


We are now doing an Athletic Weekly; this is created with the most accurate data we have at the time, and we understand things change at the last minute, so always check MaxPreps as well.

Club Elevate Finishes the Year:

As we close out another successful school year, I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for your partnership and support with SAY San Diego's ELEVATED youth program in helping to foster positive youth leadership development.  Your time, resources, and collaboration have helped educate ELEVATED youth about resources and education, mentorships, and opportunities that inspire and shape them as future leaders.  


Youth Summit:

Is your student interested in joining a club over the summer? If so, your student is invited to join SAY San Diego's club ELEVATED as they participate in a youth leadership summit on June 20th and June 21st. Attendees will engage in fun leadership activities to gain insights into youth advocacy, explicitly focusing on substance use prevention. Additionally, they will receive public speaking training to communicate their messages and inspire change effectively. Please see the flyer for details and contact Stacy Chiles at for more information. 

Blanchard Institute Student Leadership course: Click Here

Booster Clubs are created by each "Class Of" to raise funds to create unforgettable experiences for your students. Items include caps for graduation, prom ticket prices, organizing Grad Night, and having fundraisers to pull this off. They work very hard and need your support. Please go to your student's "Class Of" website and join the registry to stay up to date on all things going on with your student's graduating class.

Main Parent Booster Website:

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